My work is primarily on paper, in black and white, an abstract exploration of line, form and surface. The process is instinctive — each mark responding to a previous mark or some feature of the medium surface. While the mark making is not planned, the works are grounded by a minimalist concept. Conceptualization is a process often arising out of an initial work, finding some essential marks, palette, or spatial organization that form the bones and boundaries of a series of pieces.

Trained in mathematics and physics, I am drawn to the abstraction of small chamber music. The lines and marks strive to converse and dance in much the same lyrical elegance as the individual voices in a chamber piece. I aspire toward a messy elegance.

The videos explore possibilities in the creation of several pieces shown in the works on paper gallery. The animations play with the alternate possibilities that could have been encountered in the work's creation. Check them out.

Please browse the monoprints, drawings and oil paintings. I hope that you experience the joy I had in creating them.

—Bror Hultgren