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Works on Paper

Most of my recent work has been on paper.

I have come to love the conversation that develops with the paper, the mark making and the mediums used. I came to realize that any means of producing marks on paper was open to exploration. In print making, stamping with hand carved rubber erasers is as valid as solar plate etching. Paintsticks can be utilized for screen printing as well as finger-painting drawing Some of the works are simply conventional vine charcoal drawings while others are scratched torn and dusted with powders such as graphite, charcoal powder, and micaceous iron oxides.

Paper can actively affect the mark making through the texture of the surface. Handmade papers, with their resulting unique surfaces and edges provide substrates that influence many drawings. Papers can be torn and distressed making a work of art by themselves. Machine made paper can stretch spatial possibilities with artwork that announces itself in scrolls and banners.

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