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If you are like me and your art is still rooted in kindergarten's unit blocks and finger paints, you will love R&F paintsticks. R&F pigment sticks are a blend of traditional oil based pigments and natural wax molded into a stick form. I find working with them to be a much more natural form of drawing.

Papeterie St-Armand is a very good source of handmade paper. They are extremely supportive and will often cast paper to your specifications. Their 150 lb. (100% rag) papers are available in many colors in sizes from 4" x 5" to 6 feet x 10 feet! They also make Canal Paper, which is machine made and is available in 21.5 inch wide rolls.

Paper Making Supplies:
If you are interested in making your own paper, Carriage House Paper in Brooklyn, NY is an excellent source for pulp as well as moulds and deckles. The pulp in many of the distressed monoprints is flax.

Website Development:
Wendy Higgins of Cutter Blue Design has been extremely responsive in implementing an extensive update of this website. While the original design here is mine, she offers a full complement of design and production services, for both the web and print.

By law, in order to reduce spam, most mail service providers enforce a limit on bulk emailing. Bulk email services have been created to support the need for people with needs for contacting a large number of potential customers. Many artists do not have a need to subscribe to monthly services and prefer to "pay as you go." MailChimp is a very economical bulk email provider, with fairly simple user interface. Like most web services they provide templates that are both a help and a hindrance. I have been able to "beat" one of their templates into a reasonable facsimile of my website so that I can maintain web presence with a common look and feel.

Biz cards:
I'm sure there are lots of sources for business cards. Many of my artist friends are using Moo Designs and are very happy with the application. Like many web services offers a suite of templates, with the above-mentioned pros and cons. What I really like is the option of printing samples (or details) of my artwork on the reverse side. In addition your order can be printed with up to five different art samples.